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Bad Edukation

a writing journal

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A writing haven for a couple of crazy kids off their meds.
Bad Edukation
a writing journal

Basically, this journal is a blog for original works like short stories and poetry, and for fan fiction as well. If you like what you see, feel free to join, but posting access is limited to the maintainers below. Please look through our tags to view the stories you want to read most and enjoy! If you like what you read, or you don't, feel free to leave us some feedback via comments. Thanks for visiting!

Sarah (a.k.a. goodnitesaigon)

I'm eighteen years old, a high school senior living in beautiful Chicago. I'm a writer, a dreamer, and a hopeless romantic. I'm a loyal groupie/Band-Aid and a crazy cat lady. My sign is Sagittarius; Gemini rising. I'm tiny, a girly-girl, and dreadfully nice to everybody. I love colors and live for summer. I'm innocent, naïve, ditzy but intelligent, open-minded and old-fashioned. I'm a lover of all things Sixties, music-obsessed, and adore bass players.
No matter what, I am just me.

Amy (a.k.a. telturwen)

I'm seventeen years old. I live in the Chicago suburbs. I'm a ditz masquerading as a brunette. I have a short attention span, a weak immune system and a tendency to obsess. I'm fairly amusing. Oftentimes my insanity takes over; there's no cure that we know of. Writing is my past, present and future. I'm a proud published poet. I have a soft spot for soldiers, Irish accents, older men and demon hunters. ;) I also make graphics. My philosophy is
everyone is unique. i'd rather be different.

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We didn't want to be like all the other writing sites out there. We wanted to have our own rating system. So if you see a random "C" in the rating field, don't fret. Just look below.

E     (everyone)
Content suitable for all ages.
Suitable for general audiences of any age. Content is free of coarse language, violence and/or adult themes.

C     (children)
Some content not suitable for young children.
Suitable for childen nine years and older. Content contains minor violence without graphic detail of injury and/or mild coarse language. No adult themes are included.

A     (adolescents)
Contains content not suitable for children.
Suitable for children thirteen years and older. Content contains some violence, minor coarse language and/or minor suggestive adult themes.

T     (teenagers)
Contains content suitable for mature teens and older.
Not suitable for children or teens below the age of sixteen. Content contains strong but non-explicit adult themes, mild graphic violence and/or strong coarse language.

M     (mature adults)
Contains explicit content for mature adults only.
Not suitable for children or teens below the age of eighteen. Content contains explicit language, violence and/or adult themes.